Evolution of a Web Song



Frithus Forest


This Sanctum,

private hermitage

of intuitive prompts

inspirations redrawn, 

old works-in-progress; 

ghostly transplants

sown in memory

grown in life.


[ Reborn in the earth amid enchanted resource known as forest primordial,

like an ecosystem sustained of same revered name and its healing myths,

radiating out from a spirit center, we strive to share in universal harmony,

renewable creativity and sustainable values, candles to light immortality. ]




Spirit Hawk's Haunt


is record of a spiritual quest

to reconnect with ancient myths

re-envision modern concepts

through eyes of soul

voice of poetry

heart of nature

touchstone of story.


[ welcome worldly wanderer to spirit-hawk’s haunt

believe what few will, do seek here what you want

cold phantom shadows reveal soul’s divided sight

night dreams imagined in remembered moonlight



thrice-told mythic fictions, creatures long forgotten

mysterious elfin madmen, delicate faerie features

winged angel darkness, bright daemons possessed

otherworldly poet eyes, transcendental nature nest


ghastly tales of terrible woe, history’s horrible wars

catastrophic crimes medicine stories shamans more

mirrored light realities succor surreal nights before

ghosts knock, knock, knocking unlock spirit’s door ]





In life's quest for art,

seeking the grail spirit.



© misfit-hermit.art

© frithusforest.art

© spirithawkshaunt.art

Grail art by Hermann Wenng

Ethereal Melodies by Jessica Williamson