Misfit Focus

Misfit Hermit narrows its focus now, to concentrate behind the scenes.

detail of photo by Athena on Pexels.com

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Yuletide Moon

echo light walking over shattered surfaces of liquid glass
crystals linking hands along shore--reaching across river
radiant slip ivory disc cool black sky short-shadow month

iridescent frost clings to appearances with rainbow glitter
old freezing void engulfs silent forest breath holds abated
stillness like God's listening--actively absorbing all sound

amid frozen scene muted root-scented river flows captured
in time, too will be snow drifted, held rigid ice fist 'til spring
yearning for warmer climes, longing to attain sun and gulf

warmth to break hex bonds new again and fulfill life course
I too am like a river trapped amid obstacles looking for life
desiring liberty from icy tentacles that slowly possess me

winter wind imprisoned, shall not soon see another spring
when bodies are scattered tears, let freed spirits take wing


© misfit-hermit.art