Autumn Requiem

autumn’s rainbow moves upon sylvan lake face
harvest season transcended, winter’s approach
cool waters glimpse colors reflected sky heaven

fantasy forest rises close upon shores of forever
where faery world inverted, shimmers and wavers
tall tree spirits reversed, ghostly doppelgangers

branches submerge, soil deemed solid dissolves
quaking trees through fluid living lens clear liquid
shivering, undulating, scented colors bleeding

blending, smearing, until refocused once more
rising from reverie, her hidden life renewed, purer
dead air calm, nothing dares disturb the glass

barefoot soul steps onto reflected ice surface
mystical sword, spirit-drawn from crystal stone
radiant projection of her unmasked inner beauty

ephemeral boundaries adjacent worlds surpassed
left fallen like leaves, earthly cloak disintegrates
autumn’s rainbow caresses lady Horae’s faces

too soon sister winter embraces sibling fall
spring lost and summer wandered south afar

’til autumn’s blushed countenance drains pale
she is laid asleep, blanketed in shroud white veil



The Last Butterfly by Wodkah